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Why is cricket considered one of the most popular sports?

cricket is the best sports

Do you remember how many times you broke your neighbors windows and how? I’m sure in most cases cricket will be the culprit.

With over 2.5 billion followers, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. However, in South Asia, it is the most popular sport.

Brought to India by the British, the game remained even after the colonizers left. Once Indians owned the game, nothing could stop them from falling in love with cricket.

Happiness, excitement, anticipation, sadness and frustration are some of the emotions that fans feel while watching a cricket match. Players must keep their sanity intact by not giving in to their emotions.

Cricket has remained and plans to remain India’s favorite sport. India’s passion for cricket has been proven many times over. The country has twice become world champion of the ICC World Cup.

But have you ever thought about what makes it such an admired sport?

  1. Accessibility
    South Asian countries are either underdeveloped countries or developing countries. Cricket is cheaper, so it is accessible to everyone.

From flat state-owned land to small slums, everyone manages to organize a bat and a ball. As leather cricket balls are more expensive, many players use taped tennis balls.

Instead of a bat, any rough stick is used and stacked crates or chairs become the wicket.

  1. Feasibility
    You can play cricket anywhere. The unavailability of suitable cricket grounds does not prevent players from playing. They invade the street, the open floor or the nearest park to practice the sport.

As the game is played in all neighborhoods, more and more children are interested in participating in the game.

  1. Sponsorship
    Cricket is a sponsored sport, especially in India. All brands promote the game of bat and ball, from cellphone brands to shampoos. This makes cricket a part of every household.

Famous cricketers are among the advertisements appearing on television sets and billboards. This further adds to the popularity of gamers.

  1. Professionalism
    Have you ever wondered if you could make a career out of cricket?

If not, let me tell you, playing cricket is a real job, unlike many other sports.

As there is a future in the game, players seek to train in different cricket academies. There are proper channels and tips to be a cricketer. Hence, people opt for this profession.

  1. Heroism
    Cricket has given many heroes to the world. Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are the heroes all India admires. These people give hope to young people to admire sport even more.

Documentaries and films are made about the lives of these heroes. People appreciate the job even more.

  1. Promotion
    As you all know, without promotion and motivation, even the strongest would eventually wither away. But, in the case of cricket, the government seems quite enthusiastic about supporting this overwhelming sport!

In fact, the cricket boards work tirelessly to ensure that deserving players can play. International cricket cups put a country’s honor on the line. More cricket is played when the state encourages, and more leagues appear. IPL has played an important role in promoting young people even more.

Moreover, sponsors and companies also promote cricket. Parimatch, for example, is a cricket-dedicated mobile app that offers various promotional offers to users. So at all levels, play is encouraged. You can bet on your favorite team with just a few clicks.

  1. Economy
    Every country needs fun, entertainment and an uplifting economy. Let me remind you that cricket is one of a kind!

Cricket also helps the economy of the country. For example, countries hosting the ICC World Cup have a massive influx of people to watch the game. It also increases tourism.

Apart from this, the national leagues also contribute to the GDP of the nations. According to BCCI, in 2015, IPL contributed ₹1,150 crore (US$150 million) to India’s GDP. Final IPL 2022 will pay even more.

  1. Strategy
    Cricket involves a lot of strategies and skills. So while physical strength is essential, a present mind and game planning is what wins the game.
  1. Pleasure
    Nevertheless, everything depends on the pleasure. Who doesn’t love a good four or six? The moment the referee raises his finger against the opposition is gratifying.

As the two teams battle it out, the running and chasing becomes exciting for players and spectators alike. Every ball in cricket can change the game, which keeps everyone involved on their toes.

The excitement of cricket makes people forget their worries and problems.

To say Indians love cricket is an understatement. It is safer to say that Indians “live” cricket.

Cricket produces heroes and GDP. It also receives sponsorships and promotional campaigns. Plus, it can be played anywhere with minimal equipment.

Popular with all age groups, cricket inspires Desi to invest their emotions in it. Many channels and apps are devoted to cricket, such as Sony 6, Start Sports and Parimatch. These help people stay connected with their favorite sport.

What do you think?

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