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the difference between cricket and baseball?

Difference between Cricket And Baseball

Cricket and baseball are two games that are similar in many ways but carry a lot of differences between them regarding their game play, rules, ground and others. What they both have in common is that they are both very popular, but in different parts of the world. Both are team games, but a cricket team has eleven members and a baseball team has nine members. The cricket pitch is usually rectangular in shape, while the baseball pitch is a diamond-shaped area. These are two exciting games. Cricket is famous all over the world, especially in British-influenced countries. Baseball is a beloved sport in the United States and Canada.

Cricket is played for two innings per side. An inning is “each division of a game in which both sides have one turn at bat”. To date, there are different types of cricket games such as Test matches which last for several days, ODI (One Day International), 20/20. Currently, 20/20 is the most popular, where each team gets 20 overs to play the match.

Although the balls used in cricket and baseball are similar, the cricket ball is heavier than the baseball. The ball in cricket should weigh between 5.5 and 5.8 ounces (156–164 g). Also, the bat used in the game of cricket is flat and strong and does not break often. It is true that some of the well made cricket bats last for decades.

Next, the three important types of players in the game of cricket are batsman, bowler and wicketkeeper. When we talk about the stances, the different stances taken by cricketers are characterized by various names such as half off, half fire, thin leg, deep thin leg, long leg, half wicket, half wicket , silly in the middle, deep mid wicket, square leg, tip, deep square leg, gully slide, leg slide, cover, extra cover, long and long. In the game of cricket, the bowler must bounce the ball past the batsman. A game is completed by the batsman in the game of cricket to increase the score of his team. A race is running between the wickets. The two batsmen must change places while running without leaving.

In a baseball game, baseball players play several innings. The three main types of players in the game of baseball are batter, pitcher and catcher. The different positions taken by players in the game of baseball are self-explanatory. The pitcher must not drop the ball or bounce the ball past the batter in the game of baseball. The term baseball means “achievement”. In a baseball game, the batter must first hit the ball to score a run. Once successful, he should drop the bat and get to first base without stepping out. There are three bases in the diamond-shaped baseball field. To cover all three bases, you need to run around the field. However, a batter shouldn’t cover all the bases once. Getting safely to first base is enough.

The legal ball weight in baseball must weigh between 5 and 5.25 ounces (142–149 g). The bat used in the game of baseball is round and often breaks.

Although the balls used in cricket and baseball are similar, the cricket ball is heavier than the base ball.

• Cricket is played for two innings per side while baseball players play multiple innings.

• There are different types of matches in cricket like Test, ODI and 20/20 but not in baseball.

• Baseball bats often break contrary.

• To score a cricket match, you must hit the ball and run to the end of the cricket while your partner reaches your goal. You have to take the bat with you.

• In a baseball game, you must hit bases to score. Also, once you hit a ball successfully, you have to drop the bat and run.

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